Welcome to the Microquest Ezbill site


Microquest is an Edmonton-based software company, established in 1993 with the introduction of Healthquest, our electronic medical record software. Healthquest is used to bill for over 2500 physicians in Alberta and the EMR is used by over 1000 physicians.

Currently, Microquest is the largest submitter of Alberta Health claims in the province.

In January 2018, Microquest acquired Ezbill by M.M.S Medical Management Services Ltd. As part of this acquisition, Microquest will continue to support Ezbill – keep using Ezbill as you always have.

For Ezbill clients looking to switch to an EMR, Microquest will work closely with you to make the switch as smooth as possible.

Looking for support? Thinking of switching to Healthquest? Contact Microquest here, or from the menu above.